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About Us


About Us:

Hi, My name is Karl, 


I started Locksmithing in 1988.  I've lived in Pinellas County since 1980  (except 1988 -1993). 

I attended Pinellas Park High School. 

I own a home in Pinellas Park. 

I've been Locksmithing in Pinellas County since 1994 as either a Locksmith Employee or as a Locksmith Business Owner. 

I can guarantee you will always get Honest Work and Pricing. I won't sell you something you don't need. I will give you Honest up front answers to your questions and provide professional service from my 30 Years Exp.

My customers are important to me and I will always treat you fair. 

If you need me to come look at something to give you a quote or help decide what would best solve your problem (If I cant figure out what you need over the phone or from pictures) I will come to you and look and give my recommendation for free. 

If you got security questions about your home or business. I can come out and give you an evaluation of your situation for free and make my recommendations.


Put your Trust in a 30 Year "Long Time Local" Locksmith Professional. You won't be disappointed.

Sincerely,     Karl   (Owner) 

I am not 24/7 available. 

I am available: 

Monday - Friday   8:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Saturday                   9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Sunday  CLOSED



PINELLAS LOCK & KEY, LLC in Pinellas Park,  Florida

We provide Business & Home Mobile Locksmith Service for All of Pinellas County Florida

We are Mobile Locksmith Service Only

We Do Not Have a Storefront or Shop

My mailing address and home address is:

Pinellas Lock & Key, LLC

4501 85th Ave N

Pinellas Park Fl 33781


Background Checked / Insured 

Registered Pinellas County Business

We Dont Do: 

Car Keys / Key Fobs / Truck Keys / Motorcycle Keys / Scooter Keys / Boat Keys / Auto Code Keys / Trailer Keys / No Auto Lockouts.

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